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Eater Hottest Chef Day Starts Right About Now

Last year's winner, Jill Bates of Fearing's.
Last year's winner, Jill Bates of Fearing's.
Photo: Rose Baca/EDFW

If you're vehemently opposed to chef eye candy, you may want to ignore Eater just for today. If, however, you're keen to celebrate this unholiest holiday, Valentine's Day, by feasting your eyes on the sexiest chefs this fair city has to offer, then it's your lucky day — the second annual Eater Hottest Chef Day, that is.

Rather than a week of voting like we did last year, this year we're packing all the sexiness into one steamy day of competition. 16 of the city's dreamiest chefs will face off in four initial rounds, a semi-final, and finally go face-to-face in a final round to determine who is the Hottest Chef in Dallas. Ready? Voting commences at 10 a.m. and each round will last about an hour, so you better be quick on the draw (er, click).