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Josh Valentine Talks About John Tesar and His Pork-centric T-Shirt Collection

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FT33 pastry chef Josh Valentine got the boot from the Top Chef: Seattle judges on Wednesday night, so naturally he's making the media rounds to answer hard-hitting questions about his t-shirt collection and other subjects.

The Weekly Standard asked him about any run-ins with Spoon chef and fellow Top Chef contestant John Tesar: "After a pause, he said that Tesar had, in fact, come to eat at his restaurant and Josh returned the favor. 'But I keep him at arm's length,' Josh said. 'He is what he is.... There's no love lost.'"

And because you were probably losing sleep over it, "Josh owns somewhere between 15 to 20 different 'pork-centric' t-shirts". Whew.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter questioned Valentine about the 35 pounds he lost over the four month Top Chef hiatus. How'd he do it? "I stopped drinking so much after work. And not eating late at night. Usually I don't get off until 11:00 or midnight. I'd put back three bourbons and eat dinner." Could a Lose Weight the Josh Valentine Way: The Chef's Diet book deal be next?

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[Photo credit: FT33/Facebook]