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Private Social is Now Called P|S, and Has a Dramatically Different Menu

The dining room at Priv — err, P|S.
The dining room at Priv — err, P|S.
Photo credit: P|S/Facebook

Psst: Private Social isn't called Private Social anymore. It's "P|S". Former Top Chef contestant and Dallas darling Tiffany Derry is gone, of course, and the new chef is Najat Kaanache (touted on the P|S website as "the most important female chef of the future".) After shutting down for a brief reset period, P|S opened for business again last week; both Eats Blog and CultureMap have inside looks at chef Najat Kanaache's new menu, and her modernist style is a far cry from the gussied-up Southern comfort food like duck fat-fried chicken that Derry was known for.

Teresa Gubbins at CultureMap has a photo slideshow with several of the new dishes, including a chicken lollipop starter that consists of fried chicken strips skewered and "placed into glass vessels containing dry ice"; "An herb chicken stock is poured over the dry ice so that the emerging smoke interacts with the cotton candy". (The State Fair of Texas meets El Bulli?)

Meanwhile, DMN critic Leslie Brenner details a goat cheese salad, noting that it's not exactly your typical bed of greens; rather, it contains several varieties of spheres, pellets, and chips concocted from Kalamata olives, berries, and beets, plus "modernist squid ink biscuits".

Only time will tell how the Kaanache's new modernist menu will sit with the trendy Uptown crowds. Master mixologist Rocco Milano remains in charge of the bar program.

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