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Former NYLO Chef Debuts New Burger Joint in Plano

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In case you thought nothing good could come out of Jack in the Box — save for that occasional 2 a.m. taco run — former NYLO chef Sean Cahill (who also cheffed at Tillman's Roadhouse) has debuted a new burger concept in a Plano space that used to house the fast food joint.

Buffalo Bluez specializes in brisket (err, "brizket") and "burgerz" — including buffalo, turkey, and black bean versions — with fancy accoutrements like arugula and pretzel buns, plus salads, wraps, and other items like brisket-topped cheese fries and onion rings; even the fanciest of the burgers, like one with a buffalo patty topped with bacon, an over-easy egg, and cheddar, top out at a mere six bucks, meaning prices aren't far off from those of the previous tenant.

Bonus: This place has beer, something Jack could never provide.

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Click to enlarge the menu. [Buffalo Bluez]

Buffalo Bluez

4200 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024