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The Early Word on Carnivorous Kenny's Smoke House

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Photo credit: Kenny's Smoke House/Facebook

Upscale barbecue joint Kenny's Smoke House started serving its meat-centric dishes over a month ago, gracing the good people of Plano with heart attack-inducing pulled pork, smoked gouda mac and cheese, "hammered" brisket, and ribs. Though the sit-down restaurant packs a Texas-sized offering of comfort food, early reports criticized the place for deviating from the region's specialty by adding sauce; on the whole, though, diners seem to love the atmosphere and the creative appetizers, namely the brisket-and-cheese-stuffed jalapenos. Here's the early word on Kenny's Smoke House:

The Good News: On Facebook, a diner reports a great time: "Took my coworkers there for dinner last week and we all loved it!! Food was amazing especially the jalapenos stuffed with brisket. Service was great too!!" [Facebook]

The Great News: For one OpenTable commenter, the food is top notch: "I have been to this restaurant two times this month. Once for girls night out. The dinner menu was very nice and everyone enjoyed the specialty drinks. Went for lunch this weekend with my family. There were three big guys and they loved the food. The pulled pork tostadas appetizers are great." [Open Table]

The Bad News: "BBQ Snob" Daniel Vaughn Instagrams with disappointment: "Looks can be deceiving at Kenny's Smoke House. The fries were great" [Instagram]

The Needs Improvement News: This OpenTable user feels rushed: "Still have some growing pains as it's a new restaurant. Waiter seemed anxious to turn table. Didn't offer dessert and brought check quickly!" [Open Table]

The Service News: A Yelper describes her experience: "The service was eager, if not without its hiccups. My boyfriend is one of those types who flags down anyone nearby when he wants something, while I prefer to wait meekly until my server realizes I'm out of wine or staring at the back of his or her head. But every single person he asked for something was happy to help. I love service with a 'my pleasure' attitude instead of a 'no problem' attitude. KSH had a great service attitude to spare." [Yelp]

The Leftover News: A Facebook user gives the place feedback on take-out: "I was in with some friends on Tuesday and boy did we feast! It was fabulous!! The only suggestion I could give you this. I just went to heat up my leftovers that were packaged up for me and found no sauce!! Leftovers especially need sauce since you are heating and sapping some of the moist out of the meat. Please have your waitstaff put a small to go size serving of sauce with the leftovers. It just isn't the same eating it somewhat dry and sauceless." [Facebook]

The Atmosphere News: CraveDFW digs the décor: "Guests will enjoy the festive mood in the restaurant as strains of blues and jazz create ambience. The warm intimate dining room will feature exposed brick and rich mahogany wainscoting. But like all of Bowers restaurants, guest comfort and experience will take the forefront." [CraveDFW]

The BBQ News: A Yelp user thinks their meat isn't up to snuff: "I tried #1 through #6 of Texas Monthly's Top 50 a few years ago. Kenny's not worthy to even clean the pits for those guys.? Both the pork and beef ribs are slathered in BBQ sauce which is sacrilege in Texas. There's no smokiness to them and they don't fall off the bone. Needs more spices. No visible smoke rings." [Yelp]

The Filling News: An Instagram user is stuffed: "Another

Kenny's Smoke House

5760 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024 (972) 473-7478

Kenny's Smoke House

5760 Legacy Dr Plano, TX 75024