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Bistro Watel's is 'Closed for Business'

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Lakewood restaurant Bistro Watel's has shuttered. Calls to the restaurant went unanswered and a sign on the front door reads simply, "Bistro Watel's is closed for business".

The pint-sized prix-fixe spot opened in April 2011 in the former York Street spot and received a two-star review from the Dallas Morning News soon after.

Chef Rene Peeters opened the original Watel's on McKinney Avenue in 1986; it changed locations several times, at one time occupying a small cottage-turned-restaurant on Allen Street as well as a Lower Greenville location, where it was known as Watel's World Piece Cafe.

· Bistro Watel's [Official]

[Photo credit: Whitney Filloon]

Bistro Watel's

6047 Lewis Street, Dallas, TX 75206