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Hofmann's CEO Gets Sued For Using Company Money as His 'Personal Slush Fund'

Hofmann Hots' first location in West Dallas.
Hofmann Hots' first location in West Dallas.
Photo credit: Trinity Groves

As Hofmann Hots gears up to open its very first outlet at the up-and-coming Trinity Groves development, the all-star team backing it is undergoing some internal strife: According to Syracuse, New York newspaper The Post-Standard, Hofmann CEO Frank Zaccanelli, whom many Dallasites may remember as a former Dallas Mavericks president, is "being sued by a majority of the investors" including restaurateur/Trinity Groves backer Phil Romano for allegedly "using company money as his 'personal slush fund'".

According to the lawsuit, Zaccanelli racked up $34,000 of non-business related expenses on the company credit card, rented a $3,000 a month house for his mistress "and disguise[d] the expense as a 'facility payment'", hired the same woman on "at an executive salary" after she failed at photographer and social media positions for the company, and "Verbally abused employees and threatened to fire those who questioned his conduct".

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi and Dallas Cowboys legend Roger Staubach, two of the other Hofmann investors, are not a part of the lawsuit.

Hofmann Hots at Trinity Groves is slated to open Friday at 11 a.m.

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