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The Early Word on the Sizzling Nazca Kitchen

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Photo: Stephen Masker/EDFW

Casual dining restaurant Nazca Kitchen opened for service two months ago, bringing bright South American flavors imagined by Red Hot & Blue owner Craig Collins to North Dallas. While some customers questioned the authenticity and the value of the food, thus far many have been blown away by friendly service and tasty flavor combinations. Here's the early word on Nazca Kitchen:

The Good News: On Facebook, a customer raves about her meal: "Went there with our daughter for our anniversary dinner. A-M-AZ-I-N-G!!!!! Food is delicious ....we tried 3 things, roast chicken with a spicy juicy rub, grilled fish lettuce warps with special slaw, and seared steak.THE AMOUNT OF FOOD FOR THE $, fresh , unique flavors, and customer service ...priceless!" [Facebook]

The Better News: Blog CraveDFW likes the change in service: "Originally the service was more fast casual where ordering was done at the counter, but more recently they switched gears and went to the traditional table side order methid, and this has proved extremely helpful. Our waiter was spot on cordial and informative." [CraveDFW]

The Bad News: One Yelper isn't impressed by the food: "On the poultry, I would have preferred crispier skin, but maybe the rocoto pepper sauce soaked in a little too much. I could not detect much of the 24-hour marination on the meat, unfortunately. A good deal at $11, though, as it comes with a side. The breast portion lacked moistness, unfortunately." [Yelp]

The Granola News: Blogger Crazed Mind obsesses about the crunchy breakfast dish: "I love oatmeal so I ordered the granola and milk thinking I was ordering oatmeal. Well they put down a beautiful bowl with a bit of dried cereal in it with a lil pitcher of milk. My face dropped. Poured the milk over it and cut up some of the fruit and dug in. Wow! What hit my mouth was amazing. This was not some lil cereal bowl at all. But full flavor like I have never enjoyed before. I am telling you I want to have this for breakfast every day." [Crazed Mind]

The Drink News: Blogger The Dallas Diva can't get enough of the smoothies: "My face was also a fan of the colados that Nazca blender-whips; I had not one but two helpings of the Passionfruit-mango variety (right), sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg. It was like a fruit smoothie sprinkled with fairy dust. So smooth and (I know I'm using this word a ton!) FRESH and blended to perfection." [TDD]

The Cheesy News: Gay List Daily sings praised about the roasted pepper-cheddar dip: "What sounds like chile con queso in the description is something altogether (and delightfully) different. Rich and velvety, the layered flavors of roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes is highly addictive, especially due to the super-crunchy pita crisps." [Gay List Daily]

The Taco News: A Yelp reviewer feels the fish tacos are lackluster: "They give us 2 fish tacos per order, with fries for $11 per order. A bit pricey for 2 tacos but they did have a good portion of fish inside. The fish tacos were pretty tasty, but also pretty typical of fish tacos at other places, nothing really South American about them. [Yelp]

The Staff News: A Foursquare user thinks the works are friendly: "Super nice people work some point I think they will have to move to a full-service vs quick-casual concept as a result of the prices they charge. Interesting design for an old strip center! [Foursquare]

— Ashley Mason

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