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How to Eat Buffalo Wings; Dallas is Not For Hipsters

The kids' play area at The Lot.
The kids' play area at The Lot.
Photo credit: EDFW

WING WIRE—Buffalo, New York-based Duff's Famous Wings is headed to Dallas; here's a primer on eating their wings from a bonafide Buffalo resident. (Hint: Protect your lips with Vaseline and wash your hands before touching, well, anywhere.) [Escape Hatch]

EAST DALLAS—Kim Pierce got a closer look at The Lot, the new family-friendly Backyard Beach Bar replacement. Two of the most popular dishes thus far are the "crispy yucca fries with malt vinegar dust" and fried cauliflower. [Eats Blog]

LISTICLE WIRE—Dallas came in at number ten on a real estate blog's arbitrary list of the nation's top ten "least hipster cities". Apparently, we don't have enough "artsy jobs", vegetarian restaurants, or dive bars (?!). Stockyards and skinny jeans must not go well together, because Fort Worth ranked number two on the list. [Movoto]


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