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Trinity Groves Wire

trinitygroveslogosm.jpgMissed the Savor Dallas kick-off event at Trinity Groves last night? Tiney Ricciardi has an in-depth recap of all the food from the new restaurants coming to the West Dallas development, including Spanish croquetas from Omar Flores' Casa Rubia, "a succulent lamb cut" from Souk, gorditas with "spicy beer-infused salsa" from LUCK, and steamed buns by Chino's Uno Immanivong. [Pegasus News]

LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen)

3011 Gulden Ln Ste 112, Dallas, TX 75212 469 250 0679 Visit Website

Casa Rubia

3011 Gulden Ln #116, Dallas, TX 75212 469 513 6349 Visit Website