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A Community Cooks; Good News for Cider Lovers

SOUTH DALLAS—The third annual A Community Cooks event will take place Thursday, April 11 at the We Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College. More than a dozen local chefs including Jason Maddy, Brian Luscher, and Matt McCallister will cook in outdoor pop-up kitchens, and mixologist Eddie Campbell will provide cocktails. Tickets are $75; for more info, visit the event Facebook page. [Eaterwire]

OAK CLIFF—Seems Bishop Cider Co., the cidery headed for the Bishop Arts district, is considered a winery (because you know, apples) and therefore won't be subject to all the annoying permitting issues that beer breweries face. Meaning, owner Joel Malone can "sell all the cider he wants right out the front door of his business." Hooray for cider! [City of Ate]

DEEP ELLUM—Chef DAT's got another underground dinner in the works for Friday night, and this one will feature live painting, a DJ, and desserts by Dude, Sweet's Katherine Clapner. Tickets are $85; visit the event page for more details. [Eaterwire]