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Starbucks Hawking Samples Outside The Pearl Cup

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Photo credit: EDFW

Coffee behemoths Starbucks are rolling out mobile cafes to sample folks on their new Blonde Roast coffee (which, based on the advertisements, sounds like wussy coffee for people who don't like coffee), and this morning they decided to post up outside the downtown outpost of local java slingers The Pearl Cup on St. Paul Street.

The Pearl Cup posted the following on their Facebook page around 10:30 a.m. this morning:

Real Classy Starbucks! Sitting outside my coffee shop giving away your coffee.. Am I threatening your large corporation that much that you are bold enough to put a mobile unit outside my shop? Have some respect!

The mobile cafe has since relocated a couple hundred yards away, around the corner on San Jacinto Street.

Starbucks has more than 20 locations within an approximate three-mile radius of downtown; besides the outpost in the St. Paul Place building, The Pearl Cup's only other location is the original on Henderson Avenue. (A Richardson location is slated to open this spring.)

The Pearl Cup is fighting back by offering free drip coffee at the St. Paul location today.

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The Pearl Cup Downtown

750 North St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX