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Midnight Ramen; Starbucks on The Pearl Cup Situation

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OAK CLIFF—In case you missed it last weekend (or just need a second helping), Lucia line cook Justin Holt's pop-up ramen kitchen will be making another appearance at Ten Bells Tavern. Cruise by Saturday night starting at midnight to slurp a bowl with handmade noodles and braised pork belly. [Eaterwire]

COFFEE WIRE—Remember when Starbucks gave out free samples outside The Pearl Cup? According to Observer critic Scott Reitz, a spokesperson for the coffee giant "denies that the move was predatory", but says that they'll "look for different locations when marketing their coffee in the future". [City of Ate]

FORT WORTH—Here's a whole bunch of Fort Worth food news, including tidbits about the new Vee Lounge, the Swiss Pastry Shop, Grapevine's upcoming ChocolateFest, and a kolache-making class, for those times when a drive to West is out of the question. [Star-Telegram]

[Photo credit: Ten Bells Tavern/Facebook]


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