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Juicy, Meaty Eater Burger Week Begins Right Now

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Starting right this moment and ending, oh, around 5 p.m. Friday, is the first ever Eater Dallas Burger Week, spotlighting all things burger that Dallas has to offer. We'll show you the way to some of the city's finest new burgers, do a by-the-numbers breakdown of a local burger joint, talk about what beverages pair best with burgers, showcase the finest French fries in town, and oh so much more.

Of course, if you want to take Burger Week to the next level, you can certainly get your hands dirty: We've asked three of our favorite local restaurants to cook up some burgers in honor of this momentous occasion, and they're available all week for your dining pleasure. We'll highlight each burger individually as the week progresses, but here's a brief overview:

Hypnotic Donuts: The 'Minimum Wage' burger is a half-pound patty infused with fresh jalapenos and goat cheese on a housemade poppy seed-bacon bun; it's topped off with bacon, fried pickles, crumbled goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, and an avocado ranch spread. This fine specimen is available Monday through Thursday of this week for $7.25.

Spoon Bar & Kitchen: John Tesar's 'Knuckle Sandwich' combines lobster knuckles with crispy pork belly, compressed heirloom tomato, Little Gem lettuce and Kewpie Russian dressing, plus a side of pomme soufflés. Available all week at Spoon's bar for $18.

Fearing's: The 'Mesquite Grilled Hamburger with French Fries and the Whole Set-Up' is usually only available at the Rattlesnake Bar, but during Burger Week Eater readers can order it in any of the restaurant's 7 cushy dining areas for $16. Fearing's rendition of the classic all-American burger utilizes 100% Angus beef and comes with pepper jack, cheddar or Swiss cheese, plus "the Whole Set-Up": lettuce, tomato, onion, housemade pickles, and organic Heinz ketchup.