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Acme F&B: From Nose-to-Tail to Beer Garden

Photo credit: Merritt Martin/EDFW

Acme F&B has let chef Norman Grimm go with plans to transform the McKinney Avenue restaurant into a more casual beer garden "with a lower price point", CraveDFW reports. Goodfriend's Matt Tobin will reportedly consult on the beer selection.

Co-owner Brooke Humphries tells Eater the restaurant's name will stay the same, and the menu will be "very similar", with many of the heavier dishes coming off to be replaced by lighter, more summery fare. More shareable plates will be added; the brunch menu will stay as is.

The Uptown restaurant opened last June proposing "come-as-you-are" fine dining — that is, white tablecloth-worthy food served in a totally un-stuffy atmosphere — and a unique whole animal allocation program in which original chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare would use every bit of an animal from nose to tail.

By October, though, news came that Johnson and O'Hare had been bought out by Humphries and partner Brianna Larson, and Grimm was left in charge of the kitchen. The more unusual dishes featuring offal and lesser cuts were phased out, and the menu took on a more conventional look with dishes like flatbreads, pork tenderloin, ribeye, and a burger.

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