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Tim Byres' New Cookbook Smoke is On Shelves

Tim Byres, the highly acclaimed chef behind upscale barbecue Smoke at the Belmont Hotel and family-friendly Chicken Scratch, released his first cookbook yesterday.

Entitled Smoke: New Firewood Cooking, the book includes several recipes from his similarly named restaurant (including their signature Bloody Marys, the towering key lime-mezcal pie, and the much-lauded pork jowl bacon) and plenty of other stuff including no less than 10 pickle recipes, an illustrated guide on how to make sausage, instructions on building your very own pig roaster, and even a selection of vegetarian dishes.

For a full preview of the book including lots of photos, head on over to Eater National.

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[Photo credit: Paula Forbes/EN]


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901 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208