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Tim Love Takes Chicken-Fried Lobster to New Heights at Queenie's Steakhouse

Chicken-fried lobster may seem a little crazy to the Yanks up in prime lobster country, but down here in Texas crispy fried crustacean tails are a dime a dozen.

Okay, not quite, but it's definitely not a rare sight at upscale steakhouses and places like Fearing's, which has had the dish on their menu for several years now. Fort Worth chef Tim Love is taking the dish to another level at his newly opened Denton steakhouse, though — he's throwing the whole damn creature in the fryer.

Central Track describes the dish thusly:

The shell's been ditched from the lobster's claws and tail, the meat of which is then doused in chicken-fry batter and deep-fried, and then the whole thing is reassembled like some sort of Frankenlobster sent down from the gods of gastronom.
As Love says, it's a pretty delicate process — "It arrives to the table whole, so it takes a lot of culinary technicality to present the dish without overcooking the lobster."

Love's chicken-fried lobster is available for $50 at Queenie's Steakhouse. The lobsters currently hail from Nova Scotia, though Love tells Central Track he'll be switching to Maine lobsters soon.

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