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Food Truck Groupies Gather at Clearfork Food Park

[Photos: Robert Strickland/EDFW]

In case you hadn't noticed, Fort Worth has come down with a pretty serious case of food park love. Stacked with variety, it's a family-friendly love that has grown even stronger now that Clearfork Food Park is fully operational. Nearly four months after opening, the park is going strong with healthy crowds dining on fine foods from up to 8 trucks most of the week. The park boasts a full bar that's run by established Cowtown favorite Fred's Texas Cafe, a prime location on the banks of the Trinity (and just a stone's throw from TCU), and a couple of handy covered dining areas for hiding from that relentless Texas sun; it's also dog-friendly and even features live bands a couple times a week. The park is open Tuesday through Sunday, and they lovingly post their parade of food trucks via the calendar on their website.

—Robert Strickland

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