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Take a Look Inside Lakewood's New Vietnamese Spot, Mot Hai Ba

[Photos and words: Robert Strickland]

Colleen O'Hare and Jeana Johnson are making a habit out of East Dallas. The chef/restaurateurs have found plenty of success east of Central Expressway, and with the launch of the highly anticipated Mot Hai Ba in Lakewood, the Good 2 Go ladies look to continue that magic.

The menu at Mot Hai Ba draws much of its inspiration from Northern Vietnam and the interior doesn't follow far behind. The cozy dining room shows strong influences of Asian and French colonial culture, but manages to mix in enough contemporary Western style to keep the space familiar. In the end, it's an interior that works as an ideal backdrop to the lively accent colors that dot the room — some from the themed décor, but many from the kaleidoscope of dishes that checker the brushed steel tables.

On the food front: At lunch, banh mi sandwiches and pho are headliners on a shortened menu that includes salads and a few other special dishes (chargrilled pork belly, for instance). The dinner menu is more substantial, split between small plates and entrees. Dishes like Shaking Beef, Fried Frog Legs, and Sizzling Cake with Shrimp are just a sampling of what Mot Hai Ba is offering up during the evening hours. Oh, and don't forget to ask about their desserts — they're available, but off-menu at last check.

Mot Hai Ba

6047 Lewis Street, , TX 75206 (972) 638-7468 Visit Website