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Private Social Headed for a Revamp — Again

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Remember Private Social, the glitzy McKinney Avenue restaurant that was once home to she of the winning smile, Top Chef contestant Tiffany Derry? Remember how, following Derry's departure to pursue other projects, they changed the name of the restaurant to the more cryptic "P|S" and brought in "the most important female chef of the future," Najat Kaanache? And do you remember the scathing one-star review from Leslie Brenner that declared Kaanache's modernist techniques and odd, gimmicky presentations to be a giant flop?

Well, it seems that Brenner's pan (and some negative feedback from diners) has encouraged the folks at Private Social to go in a different direction. A post on the restaurant's Facebook page today reads, "We are so excited to announce that the NEW Private|Social will be coming next week! Featuring 'Awesome Texas Food' and many more changes to come. Stay Tuned."

So what, exactly, will Private Social's new incarnation entail? Will the restaurant be parting ways with chef Kaanache, or will she stay on board to cook "Awesome Texas Food"? (Either way, it's probably safe to assume that the kitchen will no longer be turning out smoked salmon hanging from banana hooks.) For now, owner Patrick Halbert will only divulge that changes are being made to the patio to make it more "warm, inviting, comfortable," the menu will be all-new, and talented barman Rocco Milano will also be introducing some new things to the beverage program.

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Private Social

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