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The Joule's New Cocktail Bar is Called Mirth & Refuge

When it comes to the topic of god-awful restaurant and bar names, the city of Dallas certainly isn't lacking. (Just ask D critic Nancy Nichols; some of her least favorites include Asador and Ser.)

Now, The Joule Hotel downtown is preparing to give those terrible monikers a run for their money this fall with their upcoming cocktail lounge, Mirth & Refuge, which sounds like a hole to crawl into while you wait out the zombie apocalypse, or perhaps a modern-day sanitarium. (While the dictionary definition of mirth is actually "amusement," is that really the best term they could come up with? Sounds like someone's been abusing the thesaurus.)

According to The Joule, Mirth & Refuge is a "a luxurious subterranean drinking establishment" that will be owned and operated by Consilient (Hibiscus, Fireside Pies, Victor Tangos, et al) and will feature a "series of chambered spaces ... with intimate leather booths, well-curated art, and a spectacular bronze bar," the talents of "nationally-renowned bartenders Chad Solomon and Christy Pope," and a menu of upscale bar food including "house-smoked trout dip with American caviar and hand-cut beef fat fries with horseradish gravy." (Consilient is also responsible for a new "urban-rustic" American brasserie at the Joule called CBD Provisions, slated to open in the fall as well.)

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