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Dishcrawl Bishop Arts; Advice for Young Chefs

OAK CLIFF—The culinary tourguides at Dishcrawl are doing another progressive dinner in Bishop Arts on Tuesday, May 28. This time they'll hit Mesa, Bolsa, and Boulevardier. Tickets are $75 and all food is included. [Eaterwire]

ADVICE WIRE—Here's some career advice for recent culinary school grads from local chefs like Nathan Tate, Brian Luscher, and Andre Natera. (Basically, shut your mouth and bust your ass.) [City of Ate]

WINE WIRE—If you're chomping at the bit to get some of Brangelina's wine, be advised that Sigel's on Greenville Avenue is down to its last three cases. (Apparently the wine, which is a rose, is actually pretty good.) [SideDish]

[Photo credit: Mesa/Facebook]