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At the Corner of Barbecue and Beer: Daniel Vaughn's Book Release Party

[Photos and text: Robert Strickland/EDFW]

Saturday night saw barbecue, beer, and books collide at the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, all in honor of illustrious barbecue-blogger-turned-barbecue-bigwig Daniel Vaughn and his new book, The Prophets Of Smoked Meat. For just one night, Trinity Groves was the center of the Texas barbecue universe. In case you missed it, here are some meaty tidbits from the shindig:

1) Four Corners Brewery was the perfect setting for the event. Fun and funky, the space was an ideal backdrop to an event like this one. If you haven't been and get a chance to, do it already.
2) Taking the show on the road didn't seem to matter for Pecan Lodge, Lockhart Smokehouse, or Cousin's BBQ. The three smoked meat masters, all residents of Texas Monthly's newest Top 50 Barbecue Joints list, put out great food without the comfort of their restaurants and everyday smokers. Salutes all around.
3) As the taps flowed and the barbecue flew off the tables, Vaughn signed a mountain of books (and copies of Texas Monthly's June issue) with a genuine smile on his face. The guy is still grounded through this rocket ride to national fame, and it shows.
4) Slices of pie were being given away for free by Fort Worth's Swiss Pastry Shop. Considering the quality of the desserts, a "Pay What You Think It's Worth" jar might've reaped serious rewards.
5) Finally, I think we all now know that mixing smoked meats, beer, and autographed literature can only lead to one musical conclusion: Stevie Ray Vaughan's greatest hits. On repeat. And that's about as perfectly Texan as it gets.

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Pecan Lodge

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Lockhart Smokehouse

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