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Burgers and Cowgirls; Whiskey Cupcakes

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Mot Hai Ba.
Mot Hai Ba.
Photo: Robert Strickland/EDFW

LAKEWOOD—Got a thing for frogs' legs, or just want to try them? Here's a few places to find the amphibious little delicacies, including Lakewood's new Vietnamese spot Mot Hai Ba. (Be sure to check the comments for more suggestions.) [City of Ate]

FT. WORTH—The Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame is hosting a burger cook-off this Friday night beginning at 6 p.m.; Arlington's Chop House Burger, Kincaid's and five other locals will participate. [FW Star-Telegram]

FOOD TV WIRE—A server from Plano's Whiskey Cake named Christina O'Donoghue competed on Food Network's vicious pastry competition show Cupcake Wars; it airs this Sunday at 7 p.m., and the cupcakes are being featured on the restaurant's dessert menu all this week. [Eaterwire]

Whiskey Cake

3601 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75093 972 993 2253 Visit Website

Mot Hai Ba

6047 Lewis Street, , TX 75206 (972) 638-7468 Visit Website