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Cronut Impostors Spread Across the Metroplex

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2013 will, in all likelihood, be remembered as the year of the cronut (at least by people who pay attention to these sorts of things). The innocent-looking little hybrid pastries created by Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan have inspired epic long lines, middle fingers, Craigslist scalpers, and plenty of imitators from coast to coast. Dallas dessert blogger Jayme Campbell of Confection Confessions set out on a quest to track down all the cronuts being churned out in DFW. Here's what she thought:

PS (formerly Private Social): Chef Najat Kanaache offers up both savory and sweet versions in rotating flavors; JVC sampled a variety that "included peanut butter, foie gras, pineapple, and cherry," a combination that she says "worked beautifully." (Kanaache made headlines recently when it was discovered that she had "cronuts" on her menu months before the item was introduced at Dominique Ansel Bakery.)

The Hole Thing in Forney: JVC sampled several flavors from this far-flung donut shop, the best of which was the almond-glazed which she describes as "that flaky glazed outside of a traditional donut, then the flaky croissant layers and an airy interior." She also tried lemon ginger, orange chai ("essentially the cinnamon/sugar donuts we all love with a spicy citrus"), and a "napoleon" version.

Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth: These differ from the others in that they're baked rather than fried, and they refer to them as "doissants". These contain a "scratch made chocolate almond filling," and JVC says the round shape ensures deliciousness in every bite.

Word surfaced Tuesday via Morning News critic Leslie Brenner that Village Marquee chef Andre Natera was also offering up his take on the hysteria-inducing pastry, and more chefs/bakers will certainly follow suit. Hit us up via the tipline if you spot any more cronut impersonators around town.

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Cronuts from The Hole Thing in Forney. [Photo credit: Confection Confessions]

Private Social

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