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10 Things You Should Know About The Truck Yard

This Airstream will be "white-trash inspired" with plenty of canned beer.
This Airstream will be "white-trash inspired" with plenty of canned beer.

[Photos: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

Yesterday media types got a peek at the work in progress at the Truck Yard, the new food truck park slated to make its debut next month on Lower Greenville, right across from the also soon-to-open Trader Joe's. Twisted Root founder Jason Boso is the mastermind behind this project, and he's infusing the park (which will play host to a rotating lineup of food trucks that will run on electricity rather than smelly gas fumes) with a "funky Austin" feel that seems suited to the area.

Here are 10 things you should know about the city's newest food truck destination:

1.) Boso is a self-proclaimed Craigslist junkie, so all of the signage, the Airstream trailer, etc. were salvaged or scavenged from Craigslist.
2.) Boso's previously discussed Philly cheesesteak spot, Steak Me Home Tonight, will be "Chipotle-style," with people queueing up to watch their sandwiches be assembled (including slicing the meat).
3.) The bread for said cheese steaks will be provided by Village Baking Co., the same bread wizards who supply Off-Site Kitchen, Tried and True, et al.
4.) The Truck Yard will feature 3 bars: the bar inside Steak Me Home Tonight, The Treehouse, and one in the Airstream trailer.
5.) Steak Me Home Tonight will have seating for around 54 people, and a full bar with 23 draft beers and 2 cocktails on tap.
6.) The Treehouse will literally be a platform around one of the trees in the Yard, and will hold about 14 people; it's meant to feel like an "adult playground."
7.) Because it's so small, it won't have an actual full bar but instead they'll offer rum-based bottled, carbonated cocktails.
8.) Responsible for said cocktails is Emily Perkins, who also worked on the cocktail menus at Victor Tango's and HG Sply Co.
9.) The bar inside the Airstream will be "white-trash inspired" and will have delightfully trashy flamingo lights and lots of canned beer.
10.) The Carnival Barker's ice cream kitchen will be located in the same structure as Steak Me Home (the red building). The kitchen will supply both their retail and wholesale operations.

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