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Downtown Cupcakes; A Taste of Nosh This Weekend

DOWNTOWN—Fluellen Cupcakes is now open downtown. While we can't quite shake the sickly image that the name brings to mind (don't worry, it's just the owner's last name), the Banana Pudding cupcake looks pretty darn tasty. [Urban Epicurious via Pegasus News]

OAK LAWN—Avner Samuel's Nosh is offering three special tasting menus tonight and Saturday: do 3 courses for $49, 5 courses for $89, or go nuts with 8 courses for $139. Call (214) 528-9400 to reserve or hit up OpenTable. [Eaterwire]

NORTH DALLAS—Oh hey, Mi Piaci got locked out by their landlord this week, as did Townhouse Kitchen & Bar at the Galleria. So on the off chance you were planning to eat at one of those places this weekend, you should probably pick somewhere else. (Like maybe one of these places.) [SideDish]

[Photo: Urban Epicurious]

Nosh Euro Bistro

4216 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219 (214) 528-9400 Visit Website