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Restaurant Week: Take it or Leave It?

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"Is Dallas getting tired of Restaurant Week?" That's the question posed by Carol Shih over at SideDish; she notes that "there are a lot of empty slots available for heavy hitter restaurants," despite the fact that they began accepting reservations some 11 days ago (actual dining doesn't begin until August 12th). In some previous years, it's been mighty tough for procrastinators to snag a table at the hottest destinations, but according to Shih there are still plenty of slots left at places like Ser, Belly & Trumpet, and Nick & Sam's.

Last year saw plenty of complaints from diners about stingy portions, rushed service, and tables packed like sardines, as well as the debate over whether or not $35 for three courses is actually a good deal. (Of course, we should also keep in mind the fact that the ultimate point of Restaurant Week is to raise money for charity.)

Eater wants to know: Are you still psyched about Restaurant Week's prix-fixe meals in the event's 16th year, or are you over it? Take our poll (and feel free to leave a comment below telling us more).

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