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Caveman Food and So Much Barbecue, Plus More Reviews

Leslie Brenner reviewed HG Sply Co.: Brenner finds the (somewhat) Paleo-focused menu at this Lower Greenville spot rather primitive, and perhaps not in the way intended: "Pretty good plates of protein" like a "well-browned and tender" lamb shank and a "moist and flavorful brick chicken" suffer from "extremely bare-bones" presentations, and generously portioned sides like quinoa salad "quickly become monotonous." A $14 build-your-own bowl feels more like "a primitive punishment" than a cohesive dish; one star. [Eats Blog]

Scott Reitz ate at The Slow Bone: Since it opened back in April, the barbecue at Jack Perkins' Design District joint has steadily improved and "already surpassed many other barbecue restaurants in Dallas." While the brisket can sometimes be "egregiously fatty," said fat is perfectly rendered, and even the lean brisket is "quite decadent," as are sides like sweet potato casserole, greens with bacon and hushpuppies. Interestingly, the same pork loin that D critic Nancy Nichols declared "a bit dry" is pronounced "impossibly moist" by Reitz. [Observer]

Malcolm Mayhew went to BBQ on the Brazos: This new barbecue joint is located in Cresson, a "pin-dot town" that's a 30 minute trek south from Fort Worth, and you'll want to get there early to ensure you don't miss out on fantastically meaty, fatty brisket with a "black crust with a peppery crunch," St. Louis-style ribs " with plenty of flavorful crust," and huge links of snappy beef sausage with "a hearty, smoky flavor." Sides are worthwhile, too, including a dill-spiked potato salad, cilantro-dressed coleslaw, and best of all, a crumbly cornbread dressing. []

ELSEWHERE: D's Todd Johnson went to Chicken Scratch; City of Ate went to Fork Fight at Trinity Groves; Fort Worth Weekly went to Brickhouse Lounge; Dallas Food Nerd hit up Freshii; Confection Confessions sampled sweets at Buttercream & Batter in Forney.

[Photo credit: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

HG Sply Co.

2008 Greenville Avenue, , TX 75206 (469) 334-0895 Visit Website

The Slow Bone

2234 Irving Boulevard, Dallas, Tx 75207 214-377-7727 Visit Website