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The Shell Shack Coming to McKinney Avenue

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Remember Rock 'n' Taco, the rock-n-roll themed taco place on McKinney Avenue? How about the State Fair-esque themed restaurant with half an Airstream trailer parked inside it that replaced it, The Stand? A new place called The Shell Shack is taking over the building that housed both of those short-lived concepts; according to its Facebook page, the restaurant began the process of hiring a staff some three weeks ago, though the building still bears The Stand's name and logo.

So what about the food? The Shell Shack touts itself as "a new and exciting seafood bar and grill concept" — based on that and the giant crab that serves as their logo, there will obviously be no shortage of sea creatures on the menu. We've reached out to them for comment; stay tuned for more details.

· The Shell Shack Uptown [Facebook]

[Image credit: The Shell Shack]

The Shell Shack Uptown

2916 McKinney Avenue, Dallas TX 75204