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Tanoshii Ramen Looking at Mid-September Opening

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Photo credit: EDFW

Anxiously awaiting the opening of Tanoshii Ramen in Deep Ellum? Prepare to wait a little longer: The latest news from the Tanoshii camp indicates a projected opening date in the second week of September.

The former Baker's Ribs space next to Angry Dog is in the midst of some serious renovations (overseen by Dallas design darlings Coeval Studio, whose handiwork has been seen at Belly & Trumpet, Outpost, and Sunset Lounge, just to name a few) to the tune of $190,000, according to the construction permit posted in the window.

Wondering why the addition of the extra "i" (it was originally spelled 'Tanoshi')? Co-owner Chi Le says the Japanese word "means 'enjoyable' or 'delightful'. It's the adjective form, but they both have the same meaning. We were going back and forth playing with spelling, but double 'i' is the absolute correct way to spell out the meaning of enjoyable ramen."

For now, take a deep breath and go find some of that enjoyable ramen elsewhere. Stay tuned for updates as we continue stalking the progress at Tanoshii.

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Tanoshii Ramen

2724 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226 Visit Website

Tanoshii Ramen

2724 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226