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Mermaid Sighting at Rex's Seafood Market

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Photo: EDFW

No, it's not an exotic new option on Rex's menu — this mermaid is courtesy of PETA. A polite threesome representing the ever-controversial animal rights group — including a topless mermaid — set up shop in front of the popular Lovers Lane seafood restaurant at noon today in part of a nationwide effort to inform people that, according to a pamphlet being distributed, "fish are intelligent animals who feel pain just as we do" and to encourage them to forego seafood in favor of a vegan diet.

The seafood spot seems mostly nonplussed by the protesters' presence, with Beau Bellomy of Rex's telling City of Ate yesterday, "I don't think doing something outside of Rex's is really going to impress a lot of people," and the display clearly isn't hurting business; the restaurant was as packed as ever with the usual Park Cities lunch crowd, and an on-duty police officer even asked to have his picture taken with the mermaid.
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Rex's Seafood Market

5200 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas, Texas 75209