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Two Stars for Rise No. 1, and More Reviews

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Leslie Brenner reviewed Rise No. 1: The Inwood Village restaurant specializing in souffles offers a "predictably palatable" experience; not much has changed from Brenner's last visit four years ago, and the food is still "very likable," if rather stagnant. A lobster souffle special was "weirdly satisfying" (and pricey at $40), while a classic ham and Gruyere version is reliably "light and airy, impressively poufed yet moist and rich." Non-souffle dishes are hit or miss; artichoke vinaigrette is "woefully overcooked," and the cheese selection is less than impressive, but a tuna nicoise salad is a solid option. Overall, the menu could benefit from some fresh, more creative souffle options. Two stars. [DMN]

Scott Reitz checked out Sushi Sake: While the popular Richardson sushi joint certainly caters to the typical spicy tuna roll and miso soup crowd, there's also some more intriguing options if you know what to ask for. His request for omakase — not a usual offering — resulted in "one of the best sushi meals of [his] life," including an especially memorable scallop duo. A repeat experience on a busier night wasn't nearly as successful, though. Besides sushi and sashimi, "safe bets" include "tiny baby crabs, deep-fried whole," and miso soup with tofu and enoki mushrooms. [Observer]

Malcolm Mayhew went to Bravo! Cucina Italiana: This new Italian restaurant on Hulen Street is a chain, and "is on the same playing field as Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden;" the food "can be good, but it's streamlined for mass consumption." A huge menu executes basics like bolognese lasagna and bruschetta well, but more ambitious dishes like lobster ravioli fall short. Crispy, thin-crust pizzas are "straightforward, decent but devoid of personality." Desserts are thankfully made in-house, but like the rest of the food, are "basic in presentation and taste." []

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Outpost American Tavern

1115 N Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX (214) 946-1308 Visit Website

Rise No. 1

5360 West Lovers Lane Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75209