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Why the Truck Yard is Lower Greenville's New Hot Spot

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[Photos: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

Lower Greenville's long-awaited Truck Yard finally made its debut this weekend, and the project masterminded by Twisted Root's Jason Boso is already looking like a huge hit. Despite the lack of any sort of official announcement regarding the Saturday opening (it was touch-and-go as they awaited their certificate of occupancy from the city), its first night in biz saw a crowd of several dozen people (plus a few dogs) parked at the Yard's picnic tables and old lawn chairs, enjoying the ever-so-slightly cooler weather with cold beverages and hot food — everything from crawfish etouffee to smoked chicken pizza, thanks to the three food trucks on duty.

The yard, which is strewn with mismatched lawn furniture and random objects like pink flamingos and various pieces of rusty old cars, feels sort of like your crazy old Craigslist-addicted uncle's backyard, if your uncle had really good taste in beer and a penchant for bottling his own cocktails.

Here's why the Truck Yard is shaping up to be Lower Greenville's — if not the entire city's — hottest new hangout:

· It's kid- and dog-friendly. Let's hope people don't get overboard and let their kids run wild, though; the Truck Yard's official rule list does specify that pets, kids and unruly adults should be kept on leashes.
· There are a whopping three bars: One full bar inside the main open-air building, a smaller bar housed inside an old beat-up Airstream trailer, and an elevated treehouse bar where the main attraction is carbonated, bottled cocktails.
· Besides plenty of beer, there's also many different cocktail options: frozen, draft, and bottled. (Scope out the full drink menus above.)
· The best part about all the booze might just be the reasonable prices: Beers top out at $5.50, with plenty of selections in the $3 range, and draft cocktails are $6 for a very generously sized plastic cup ($7 for the bottled cocktails at the treehouse bar).
· Three food trucks at any given time mean there's something for everyone's tastes. (Saturday night's lineup was The Crazy Pig, Tutta's Pizza and Cajun Tailgators. See the month's truck schedule here.)
· Besides food truck fare, patrons can also opt for a made-to-order cheesesteak from Steak Me Home Tonight, located inside the main building (and perfuming the entire area with irresistible cheesesteak-y aromas).
· After a very long hiatus, Carnival Barker's Ice Creams is up and running at their stand at the front of the Truck Yard, serving up cups and take-home pints of their much talked about ice cream, plus novelties like Rice Krispy ice cream sandwiches, frozen bananas and floats.
· Plenty of parking in the Trader Joe's lot doesn't hurt, either.

The Truck Yard is open daily from 11 a.m. until midnight.

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