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Eat Savor's Entire Dessert Menu for $24, If You So Choose

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Photo credit: Garrett Hall/EDFW

Occasionally, one must throw caution to the wind and do reckless things like order the whole damn dessert menu at a restaurant. Thankfully, Klyde Warren Park's new gastropub Savor is making that decision a bit less expensive with their just-released dessert menu, which features ten different "mini's" [sp] ranging from a dulce de leche ice cream sandwich to an apple, honey and goat cheese "pop tart." Priced at $3 each, the price goes down the more you order — to offset the cost of future dentist bills or personal training sessions, maybe? — to $24 if you decide to order all ten (or maybe ten orders of the same one, if you're really, really into creme brulee?).

Savor Dessert Menu by Eater Dallas

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2000 Woodall Rogers Fwy, Dallas, TX