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Ft. Worth Named One of the Worst Cities for Food Lovers

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In response, we offer this view of a cow's rear end at Woodshed Smokehouse.
In response, we offer this view of a cow's rear end at Woodshed Smokehouse.
Photo credit: Merritt Martin/EDFW

Is Fort Worth a terrible place to be if you're a food lover? Real estate blog Movoto certainly thinks so — today it released a ranked list of the top ten worst cities for food lovers, and Cowtown came in at number six. (A whopping four other Texas cities also made the top ten — Laredo, Lubbock, El Paso and Garland.)

So what criteria did the site use to come up with such a seemingly arbitrary list? According to their explanation, Movoto looked at strictly the numbers, examining how many food festivals, gourmet markets, ice cream and candy shops, caterers, food trucks, restaurants and bakeries each city has per capita.

Perhaps from a statistical point of view, Fort Worth isn't so great for the food-obsessed; after all, there's only (gasp) one Central Market! (According to Movoto, FW was second-worst in the gourmet market category, "with one for every 379,369 residents.") But it seems laughably, almost embarrassingly off the mark to discount Fort Worth as a terrible town for food lovers when one stops to consider all the top-notch restaurants and chef talent the city has to offer. Woodshed Smokehouse, Lanny's Alta Cocina, Grace, Nonna Tata, Angelo's, Waters, Bonnell's, Ellerbe Fine Foods... we could go on (and on, and on).

Movoto's closing statement offers this gem: "As for the plethora of Texas towns on the ranking, we can only imagine that the fine folks of the Lone Star state are simply into home cookin' of some more simple fare, and like barbecuing their own meat, thank you very much." Patronize us a little more, why don't you?

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