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A Look Inside Zing!, the New Cookbook From Chef Gorji

Chef Gorji of Addison's Canary by Gorji — proclaimed "the most underrated restaurant in Dallas" by D Mag's Nancy Nichols — has released a new cookbook titled Zing! By Gorji. The 160-page, spiral-bound book hit shelves just before Christmas and Gorji has been rounding the book-signing circuit since its release, appearing at local venues like Jimmy's Food Store and Whole Foods Market.

Promising Gorji's signature "New Mediterranean Cuisine," the book includes recipes for many of the dishes served at Canary, such as quail breast with white wine, honey, barberries and kale, grilled chilled avocado with poached shrimp, and escargots with pomodoro sauce. And if preparing butter-seared lamb brains at home seems a bit intimidating, there are also plenty of more simple dishes aimed at the home cook like roasted garlic with feta, hummus and a Mediterranean-style chili.

An introductory section includes charming old photographs of Chef Gorji's family and his travels throughout Europe, as well as his theories on achieving balance in his dishes through the theory of "hot and cold" and understanding the roles of acidity and alkalinity, followed by a primer on some of his favorite ingredients (barberries, capers, pomegranates, sumac) and basic techniques such as pan-searing fish and segmenting citrus.

The book is available locally at Whole Foods, Jimmy's, Chocolate Secrets, Canary By Gorji, and through Artizone as well as Chef Gorji's own website.

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