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The Long-Awaited Blind Butcher is Open, Sort Of

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[Photos: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House owners Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling promised to open their new Lower Greenville venture The Blind Butcher before 2013 came to a close, and they almost made it: The restaurant's doors were finally flung open on Monday night, and although the kitchen (led by chef Oliver Sitrin formerly of the now-defunct Village Marquee) isn't fully up and running as of yet, that's not stopping an ultra-hip crowd from flooding the place.

The interior is decked out in a sexy, rustic style we'll call "dark farmhouse chic" — think lots of black paint, an ornately embossed ceiling, gorgeous roughed-up wood floors, vintage lighting fixtures, exposed brick and an eye-catching white marble bar top.

Co-owner Tobin tells Lakewood Advocate that the Butcher is all about "craft cocktails, craft beers and craft meat. Anything else is secondary."

For now, stop in for a taste of those cocktails (or one of the 24 beers on tap) and some nibbles, which could include various pickled items or housemade charcuterie such as soppressata, chorizo and lardo. Another interesting tidbit from the Advocate piece: The guys apparently have "a new meat shop in the works in Deep Ellum. Once that's finished, they'll craft the meat there, instead of on-site at Blind Butcher."

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