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So & So's Chef Nick Amoriello Prefers Tofu to Burgers, Clearly Isn't From Texas

From tofu to greasy pizza, here's where the So & So's chef eats when he's not in the kitchen.

So & So's Nick Amoriello.
So & So's Nick Amoriello.
via So & So's

Since it debuted back in April, Sfuzzi spin-off So & So's has become a shining beacon of good food in the midst of the McKinney Avenue bar scene: a place where even avowed Uptown haters are being impressed by an inventive menu that includes everything from hamachi crudo to a fancified take on tacos al pastor, impeccably cooked fish, and shockingly tasty desserts. Credit for that goes to impressively pedigreed chef Nick Amoriello, a Philly native and Culinary Institute of America grad who's called Dallas home ever since his car broke down on the way to pursue culinary greatness at the hallowed French Laundry.

Where does Amoriello eat when he's not chopping, searing, pickling, or plating at So & So's? Read on:

Favorite breakfast or brunch place?

I like the Hare Krishna [egg whites, avocado, feta and jack cheeses, and tomatoes] at Buzzbrews, any location, but I prefer the Deep Ellum location because not only do they have great coffee, they also have a great bar.

Where do you go for a quick lunch?

Living on Lower Greenville it's very easy to stop into HG Sply Co. for a juice when I'm rushing out the door. I also show our neighbors love at Bread Winner's for a wrap when I'm at work.

Where and what do you eat after a late night at work?

DaLat, always the tofu vermicelli bowl. It's my favorite thing there; they make it just right. I also enjoy the people working there. It's a haven for back of house workers in the service industry.

Where do you like to drink, and what do you usually order?

The Libertine. It's close to home, and I love the bartenders and the atmosphere after a long night. I always drink a Glenlivet on the rocks with two Lone Stars.

Best fancy date night destination?

Nobu at Crescent Court. Dirty Carl always makes me look like a stud when showing up with a date.

What's your favorite pizza place?

Serious Pizza after a show in Deep Ellum. One slice is all you need.

Do you have a favorite burger in town?

I'm not really a burger guy, but I do enjoy the good times had conversing and drinking a beer with the bikers at Keller's Drive-In off Northwest Highway.

Best ethnic restaurant(s)?

Souk. Love the flavors and food. I also love Mot Hai Ba and what Colleen and Jeana are doing there. The imperial rolls, with the herbs and fresh lettuce, and Colleen's green papaya salad are amazing. I appreciate the fact that these two were inspired by their travels in Northern Vietnam and brought the cuisine back to us here in Dallas.

Any other favorites beyond Texas?

Back in my hometown of Philly, R2L. Daniel Stern, the chef and co-owner, is a huge mentor of mine. I wouldn't know half the things I know now if not for the time spent in his kitchen back in the Le Bec Fin days.

So & So's: 3309 McKinney Ave., (214) 393-6473,