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Oak Creates State Fair-Inspired Cocktail Big Tex Would Approve Of

Cotton candy in a $12 cocktail? Sure, why the hell not.

Cotton candy you can drink.
Cotton candy you can drink.

Further proving that no one can resist the lure of the State Fair of Texas and all its deliciously low-brow foods, swanky Design District restaurant Oak has just debuted a new fair-inspired cocktail. Simply called the State Fair, it's made with Pama pomegranate liqueur, lemon juice, champagne, and housemade cotton candy, which begins to dissolve into the drink as the alcohol is poured over it. Head bartender Katie McKeown and her bar team now have their very own device behind the bar that turns any variety of hard candy into spun sugar, so expect plenty more cotton candy-related cocktails to come in the future. (For now, a lime-flavored version is being utilized in the State Fair.) The $12 drink will be available through the fall — long after Big Tex has retired for the year.

In other State Fair-inspired food news, the Omni's television-riddled sports bar The Owner's Box is serving up their own Big Tex tributes this week in the form of fried mac and cheese, fried jalapeno cheese balls (with ranch, duh), and fried bread pudding bites. Mmmm, fried.


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