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Defunct Downtown Cocktail Den to Be Revived as The Mitchell

The Main Street spot that once housed The Chesterfield will soon have a new bar tenant.

The logo looks pretty fancy, at least.
The logo looks pretty fancy, at least.
The Mitchell/Facebook

The cozy Main Street space formerly home to The Chesterfield will soon be home to a cocktail bar once more: The DMN's Craft Cocktails and Beer Blog reports that the space is being reborn as The Mitchell. Sarah Blaskovich quotes co-owner Adam Salazar as describing the concept "like a hotel bar without a hotel" and says it'll have "a menu that spotlights gin concoctions and Champagne." (Salazar's partner in The Mitchell, Chris Beardon, also owns recent Deep Ellum debut Truth & Alibi, which may give drinkers some clues on what to expect.) Eats Blog gives "early November" as a projected opening date.

The Mitchell will certainly have its fair share of cocktail competition downtown; in the time since The Chesterfield fizzled out following the departure of Eddie Campbell, both The Woolworth and The Joule's Midnight Rambler have made their debuts. (Campbell of course has moved onto greener pastures, now reigning over his own bar, Parliament, in the State Thomas neighborhood.)

The Mitchell: 1404 Main St.,