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Henderson Avenue's Glass Boot Biergarten Kicks the Bucket

If a biergarten shutters with no one around to notice, does it make a sound?

Goodbye, Glass Boot.
Goodbye, Glass Boot.
Garrett Hall/EDFW

Henderson Avenue's Glass Boot Biergarten appears to have closed up shop, City of Ate reported this morning. Despite plenty of beer, no shortage of TVs tuned to sporting events, and frequent live music, the German-inspired beer garden never seemed to garner the kind of loyal following that neighbors like Barcadia and Beauty Bar enjoy. Per comments on the bar's Facebook page, it's been closed for at least two weeks; it originally debuted in mid-March under the short-lived name Black Forest Biergarten, putting the total lifespan of this bar at a mere six months.

Glass Boot Biergarten: 1804 McMillan Ave.