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Mooyah Burgermeisters Building a Pizzeria on Henderson Avenue

The future pizza place will deliver not only pies, but also booze.

Mooyah's getting into the pizza game.
Mooyah's getting into the pizza game.

Thank goodness the owners of Plano-based "better burger" chain Mooyah are coming to the rescue, because Dallas is suffering from a serious dearth of new pizza chains.

Kidding aside, the market actually seems pretty saturated with them at the moment (reference Project Pie, Pie Five, Firecrust, et al.) — but that's not stopping the Mooyah folks from planning to open their first Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar in "a prime location on Henderson Avenue," as CultureMap's Teresa Gubbins reports this morning — just three blocks away from decade-old staple Fireside Pies.

Per Gubbins, Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar (how about Pie Tap for short?) will possess "a kind of dual identity of sit-down restaurant and to-go outlet that will allow for delivery not just of pizza but also wine and beer." The latter aspect is most likely what will set them apart from the competition, because if there's one thing folks in Dallas love, it's letting someone else do all the work for them (see: the prevalence of valet lots, not only at restaurants but also malls and gyms).

Per a September report from the Dallas Business Journal, Pie Tap is eyeing a "March or early summer" opening; CultureMap says "early 2015."