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Future Chain Dugg Burger Hopes Casa Linda Will Dig Its Burgers

Dugg Burger is keeping it simple: just burgers, fries, and drinks.

Coming soon to Casa Linda.
Coming soon to Casa Linda.

A new burger concept is preparing to invade Casa Linda: Dugg Burger has intentions of "turning the burger world upside down" with their "deliciously simple yet innovative eating experience." Illustrations on the mysterious burger company's website seem to indicate burgers with the bottom (or is it top?) bun "dugg out" to make way for burger toppings. As far as said toppings go, they present a lineup of "Lucky 12": bacon, crispy onions, caramelized onions, grilled jalapenos, sauteed mushrooms, pickles, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes, plus a quartet of sauces — barbecue, mustard, ketchup, and the wild card "Dugg sauce." They're also soliciting suggestions for a "Lucky 13" ingredient that will be featured on a rotating basis.

Apart from the burgers, Dugg is keeping it simple: The website says fries and drinks (including local craft beer, hooray) are the only other menu items that will be offered. The site also promises "other Dallas locations coming soon." An opening date for Dugg is unknown as of yet; stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Dugg Burger: 9540 Garland Rd. #E407,