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Surprise: Fort Worth's Best New Burger is Found at Swiss Pastry Shop

Fort Worth certainly has no shortage of burger places — after all, they don't call it "Cowtown" for nothing — from time-honored legends like Kincaid's to young bucks like Rodeo Goat. But a somewhat unlikely burgermeister is giving the old guard a run for their money: has declared that 41-year-old Swiss Pastry Shop, which has only been serving burgers for about a year, serves the best new version in the city. (Of course, anyone who subscribes to the bakery-slash-restaurant's Facebook page has borne witness to photographic evidence that the home of the much-beloved Black Forest cake clearly knows a thing or two about meat.) burger tester (and occasional Eater contributor) Malcolm Mayhew sings its praises thusly:

Back when I used to write about music, I’d get songs stuck in my head, for days and days. It would drive me insane — to the point where I’d have to hear the song over and over. Now that happens with food: I get a taste stuck in my head and I can’t shake it until I have it again. That’s how I feel about that last Swiss burger — it just keeps playing in my head. You’ll see when you have it.

Mayhew chalks the burger's deliciousness up to "a sea salt and black pepper seasoning that was so addictive" it more than made up for a slightly overcooked patty, and a housemade bun that's "speckled with sesame seeds, slightly toasted on its edges yet fluffy to the bite." Owner Hans Muller also has some pretty killer-looking cheese steaks on his menu, but whichever you choose, be sure to grab a slice of that Black Forest cake to go.

Swiss Pastry Shop: 3936 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth, (817) 732-5661,