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Deep Ellum Bids Adieu to Vietnamese Restaurant Lemongrass

It'll be replaced by yet another new bar.

Goodbye, Lemongrass.
Goodbye, Lemongrass.
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Deep Ellum residents will now have to leave the confines of their neighborhood for a bowl of pho, because Lemongrass Asian Bistro is closed. Eats Blog reports that the five-year-old white tablecloth restaurant served its last lunch today. Chef Tuyet Davis is moving on up to NorthPark Center, of all places, with a new food court venture called Pho Kitchen.

According to Eats Blog, Lemongrass will soon be replaced by a bar called On Premise. Backing that project are Adam Salazar and Chris Beardon, who are also currently prepping to open a cocktail bar called The Mitchell in the old Chesterfield space downtown. Beardon is also behind Truth & Alibi, the brightly colored candy shop on Elm Street that's actually a bar-slash-nightclub.