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Smoked Meats By the Pound and Things in Jars at New Clark Food & Wine Co.

Smoked meats by the pound, shared plates, sandwiches, and plenty to drink from chef Randall Warder.

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Doesn't look a thing like Billiard Bar, does it?
Doesn't look a thing like Billiard Bar, does it?
Clark Food & Wine Co./Facebook

The rapid pace of Lower Greenville restaurant openings surges on with the debut of chef Randall Warder's Clark Food & Wine Co., a dramatic revamp of the space that once housed divey drinking hole Billiard Bar.

Warder's opening menu is a refreshingly brief one-pager that includes the so-very-hip category of things served in jars — think pork rillettes and smoked catfish dip — as well as shareable plates like cheese and charcuterie boards, brisket meatballs, saltine-crusted oysters, and avocado toasts dressed up with capicola and manchego. Four sandwich options include a burger with crispy speck (smoked ham) and "sloppy sauce," and there are also a few flatbreads. Instead of traditional entrees, the menu offers a selection of smoked meats — chicken, turkey, pork, brisket — sold by weight alongside a few different sides including the requisite truffle fries and asparagus. (As a point of reference, it might be worth pointing out that a half-pound of smoked brisket clocks in at $14 here, compared to the $10 per half-pound that Pecan Lodge charges for their masterfully smoked version.)

Scope out the full food menu as well as the wine list and cocktail menu below; patrons can also expect a rotating selection of local craft beers on tap. And as if one restaurant wasn't enough to keep him busy, Warder's also working on opening a casual ceviche and tequila concept right next door aptly named C'Viche; look for that to open later in the fall.

Clark Food & Wine Co. Menu

Clark Food & Wine Co.: 1920 Greenville Ave., (214) 515-5500,