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Drink Up, Because Eater's Third Annual Cocktail Week Has Arrived

It's time to celebrate all things boozy.

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Every now and again Eater likes to set aside an entire week to hone in on a particular subject — say, burgerspizza, or meat in general — and this time around the focus is on the beloved adult beverages known as cocktails. In addition to the usual restaurant world coverage, this week we'll chronicle the city's tasty beverage scene with maps, interviews, trendwatching pieces, and more, all in the name of connecting you with some killer drinks.

Cocktail Week 2014 begins right about now-ish and will conclude around 5 p.m. Friday. In the meantime, do send any cocktail-related input or intel our way via the tipline or the Eater Dallas forum, whether it's thoughts on the city's best dive bars or a hot tip on a mind-blowingly delicious cocktail you enjoyed recently.