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Goodbye Yakitori, Hello Kebabs: Former Sharaku Sake Lounge Gets a New Tenant

Meats-on-sticks will return to the space adjacent to Yutaka Sushi Bistro.

RIP, Sharaku Sake Lounge.
RIP, Sharaku Sake Lounge.
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Yutaka Sushi Bistro sidekick Sharaku Sake Lounge was an excellent place to drink and nibble on yakitori while waiting for a table at the popular sushi spot — until it closed back in May, that is. Now, meats-on-sticks are poised to make a comeback to the small McKinney Avenue strip mall: CultureMap reports that the owners of Pera Turkish Kitchen and Pera Wine and Tapas, both located in Far North Dallas, are poised to open Pera Kebab in the space sometime "very soon" (AKA sometime this month). A brief primer on what patrons might expect from the menu, courtesy of Teresa Gubbins:

Pera's menu includes unique Turkish dishes such as the salad called piyaz, with white beans, red pepper, onion, tomato, parsley, vinegar and olive oil; haydari, a yogurt dip of Turkish origin with walnuts, garlic and dill; and "cigarette" borek, which are phyllo rolls stuffed with feta and deep fried.

Gubbins quotes a spokesman as describing the concept as "like a wine bar and bistro," so there will definitely be alcohol to be had. (And meats-on-sticks, we presume.)

Pera Kebab (formerly Sharaku Sake Lounge), 2633 McKinney Ave.