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When Pie Just Won't Suffice, Put a Macaron On It

Emporium Pies and Oak Cliff's future macaron shop are collaborating to put you in a sugar coma.

Cupcakes are so 2007, or so food media would have you believe. Considerably more trendy these days are the brightly colored, highly Instagrammable French cookies known as macarons; and pie, which in recent years has made the transition from old-school grandma's kitchen staple to hipster pastry icon, thanks in no small part to hot indie bakeries like Oak Cliff's Emporium Pies. Now, Meghan Wilkes and Mary Booth's pie shop is uniting the two dessert darlings by plopping macarons on top of slices of pie. The meringue cookies hail from future Bishop Arts tenant JOY Macarons, slated to open soon just a stone's throw from the pie shop. Per Emporium's Instagram, they're offering two different flavor combinations: pumpkin pie with a chocolate macaron or buttermilk pie with a honey-lavender macaron. Supplies are apparently limited — but of course, once JOY opens for business, sugar fiends will be able to easily DIY this creation.